The Big Small Town (Zurich, Switzerland) Episode 2 from The Golden Compass on Vimeo.

Under the bridge Quailburcke the Zurichsee turns into the river Limmat and makes its way through the city. Both the lake and the river give Zurich it’s unique flair, showcasing its countless picturesque banks and waterfronts.

St. Peter is the oldest religious building in the city. The romanistique tower was given the largest clock face in Europe with a diameter 8.7 metres in 1534.

This church originally belonged to a Monestary donated by Louise the German. Until the reformation many or Europian royalty lived here in 1524.

The Swiss national museum displays the countries cultural diversity and documents. Swiss history from the stone age to the turn of the century.

The Big Small Town (Zurich, Switzerland) Episode 1 from The Golden Compass on Vimeo.

When you think Switzerland, you think Swiss Banks, Swiss Alps, Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Watches, Swiss Cheese and Swiss Chocolate…ummm…sorry, we are here in Zurich.
If Willy Wonka had been a Swiss investment banker, then his chocolate factory would of looked like Zurich. The postcard perfect lake, the views of the Alps, the giant clock and the cobblestoned European architectural charm is just the beginning.
Uncharted 5 is live and we are in the middle of the World Cup, the Swiss made it to the round of 16…